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5 Popular Books

There will be times when you would just want to sit down and read a good long book. When right now is one of those times, then you should consider reading one of the following books:

1.The United States of Cocktail

If you love drinking cocktails, this book is for you as it gives you lots of recipes as well as diving into the history of each part of the country. if you are curious about the history of each drink you love then this book gives you a little bit of information about that topic too from the Bloody Mary up to the Vodka Coke.


You won’t believe the number of beach photographs in this book as you will wish right away you were on those beaches. The photographs in this book were captured using magnificent cameras. There is nothing like sunbathing at your favorite beach while watching the people that walk by.

3.NFL 100

Everyone knows NFL is celebrating its 100th year of existence. As a result, this book takes a look back at some of the league’s most unforgettable moments. You will wish you were a part of history and if you love football, then you must go and buy this book.


The author traveled all over the world and conducted interviews with people from different walks of life. You will be amazed at what they have to say in this book.

5.1000 Books to Read Before You Die

If you are not familiar with the good books out there, then this book will clue you in regarding what exactly you are missing. In fact, it has a long list of books that you must read. Of course, it really depends on what you are looking for in a book as each one gives you a good reason to glance at the pages.