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6 Postpartum Recovery Underwear To Use During And After Childbirth

Giving birth is one of the wonders in this world. Although it is a very hard process it is one of the most magnificent and happiest moments for the mum. After delivery mothers need a lot of recovery tools and one of them is the postpartum recovery underwear. Today we will list 6 postpartum recovery underwear to use during and after childbirth.

1) Postpartum sculpting girdle

This recovery underwear can be worn alone and will support your core, compress your waist, belly, and hip.

* Comes in 2 colors
* Comes in 5 sizes
* Comes with 2 layers of secure stretch fabric
* Made with lightweight and adjustable material

2) C-section recovery shorts

Used after delivery and will come with targeted compression to reduce swelling and help minimize bacteria and odor.

* Comes in black color
* Comes in 3 sizes
* Comes in an easy pull-on design
* Comes with stay-put technology to reduce rolling

3) Postpartum leakproof bikini

This leakproof will keep you dry and fresh by pulling moisture away from the body using its multiple layers.

* Comes in 2 colors
* Comes in 5 sizes
* Can hold up to 8 teaspoons of liquid
* Great for sweat, odor, and postpartum bleeding

4) Maternity leakproof brief

Comes with built-in discreet protection to help you keep dry.

* Can hold 6 teaspoons of liquid
* Used for moderate bladder leak
* Used for odor reduction

5) C section and postpartum recovery undies

Can be used after vaginal delivery to reduce swelling and discomfort.

* Comes with breathable fabric
* Can gently protect the incision site
* it also promotes mobility

6) Leakproof nursing pad

It will give day and night protection against leaks and it is eco friendly and reusable

* Comes with four-layer of leak protection
* Comes with a seamless edge for an invisible look
* 50% larger than traditional reusable nursing pad

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