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7 Best Custom Engagement Rings

Pear-Cut Engagement Ring

Defined by sophistication and simplicity, this trend-driven sparkler is the perfect way for you and your partner’s love each other. It is designed with 14K rose gold with delicate portions of the band, which perfectly balances out the stone design.

Round Cut Three Stone Moissanite Engagement Ring

For the bride who is chic and refined, this three-stone engagement ring is for you. It elegantly drapes over the brilliant-cut stones to provide a delicately fresh approach that is widely recognized for its distinct brilliance and elegance.

Heart Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

For a modern yet timeless and elegant option, consider this heart-cut engagement ring. Here, the center stone is cut into a heart shape and is placed in a 14k yellow gold ring to represent the never-ending love that you and your partner have.

Asscher Cut Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring

As graceful as a swan, this custom engagement ring is a great option for someone preferring a timeless ring. With a 14k white gold center stone flanked by side stones and band, this ring has truly proven its age-defying charm.

Round Cut Unique Flower Inspired Engagement Ring

All set in 14k rose gold, this flower-inspired design is cradled in a crown of diamonds for an oh-so-sweet and romantic addition. This ring also adds texture and dimension to an otherwise simple design.

Cushion-Cut Vintage Celtic Art Deco Engagement Ring

The details on its band add to the overall glimmer of the design and pick up all the extra light and brilliance. Unlike round stones, this cushion-cut ring can elegantly elongate the bride’s fingers in the most sophisticated way.

Round Cut Moissanite Solitaire Bezel Engagement Ring

With clean lines, stunning geometric composition, and perfect harmony of timeless designs, it’s hard not to catch a glimpse of this custom engagement ring. This 14K white gold never fails to exude utter timeless classic and sophistication.