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7 Best Paireyewear Men’s Frame

Are you looking for a perfect men’s frame? Here we provide you with a list of the 7 best Paireyewear men’s frames that you can choose from.

1. The Kirby

This is a must-have frame. The frame idea if you are looking for something more square. The Kirby will perfectly fit your face giving an elegant and flattering look. This frame is fitted with lenses that will protect your eyes from blue light. The lens is designed from impact-resistant materials.

2. The Casper

The Casper is rectangular and is designed for medium-width faces. The frame offers your eyes protection from blue light emitted by electronic devices. Its lenses have light-responsive transitions and offer you a single vision.

3. The Reese

The Reese is narrow and round to perfectly fit petite faces. The Reese is designed to give you an elegant and flattering look while protecting you from harmful blue light. The frame is designed with polycarbonate lenses that are ideal for sunny days.

4. The Soto

This frame features round lenses and a keyhole nose bridge. The Soto comes with blue light resistant lenses to ease the visual strain on your eyes when using electronic devices.

5. The Otis

The Otis frame comes with a keyhole nose bridge and round lenses to give an elegant and flattering look. The frame is designed to protect you from blue light from electronic and computing devices. The Otis lenses are ideal for easing the visual strain on sunny days.

6. The Larkin

The Larkin frame is designed with cellulose acetate materials to give maximum durability and flexibility. The Larkin is comfy, classy, lightweight, and fashionable. This frame is fitted with high-quality lenses to protect your eyes from visual strain caused by blue light.

7. The Finley

The Finley frame is versatile due to its rectangular shape. The frame is designed to give an elegant and flattering look while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.