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Best Women’s Frames | Pair Eyewear

Nowadays, eyeglasses aren’t just used to protect your eyes and enhance eyesight, they are also used as a fashion accessory to enhance style and appearance. There are different shapes and styles of Women’s Frames that can help make you feel more comfortable and confident about your look. If you’re having trouble looking for a base frame that would suit you best, let me help you out. I have picked out 7 _Women’s Frames_ that will complement your look.

7 Women’s Frames For Everyday Use

1. The Wanda

A slightly large cat-eye-shaped frame that is perfect for those with a wide face or those looking for a cute oversized look.

2. The Finley

A standard rectangular frame that compliments all face shapes. It is a simple and classic look that isn’t too over the top and at the same time too dull. Just the right balance.

3. The Otis

A wide and round frame complements those with a square-shaped face. The curved lines help soften sharp features. Its keyhole nose bridge is best for those with a flat or small nose.

4. The Twain

A fashionable and lightweight frame for children ages 9 and above. It allows maximum flexibility and is impact resistant. The safest frames for children to experience comfortable wear.

5. The Ella

A small-shaped cat-eye frame is best suited for those with a medium and narrow face shape. One of the most creative and popular designs among women.

6. The Reese

A wonderful round and classic-shaped frame that is ideal for those with a petite face. It is light and easy to wear. Perfect for everyday use.

7. The Casper

A classic rectangular frame that suits medium-width faces best. The Casper offers different designs of toppers to switch up your look. Easy to attach and take off whenever you like.