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Know About The Best American Street Fashion Style

American street fashion style is a global phenomenon which started in New York City in the early 1960s and has since exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. While American street fashion focused on hip hop from its inception, other genres of music have also influenced the style. American street fashion style includes;

1. African-American traditional clothing,

This clothing is associated with the African-American culture and is not only worn for cultural heritage like the soul with the hood and hoop socks, but also for entertainment. The work clothes are worked out at the hip of fashion.

The clothes are inspired by music styles like funk, jazz and soul. This style is known as hip hop or “white clothes”. The color of these clothes is different from traditional to professional or academic dress. African-American clothing has been influenced by other cultures as well including Asia, Latin America, East Asia and Europe. The American street style has changed because of globalization which has brought much influence from other countries.

2. Latin American,

The Latin Americans have a different style of dress. The Latin Americans look to the United States for fashion inspiration. Their clothing has a large impact on the United States because of tourism and trade across the border.

3. First Nations, natives, or American Indian tribal clothing,

This type of clothing is also known as traditional Native American Indian wear and are embraced by tribal people who want to celebrate their heritage and identity as part of their cultural dance or performance. They draw their appearance from many different North American tribes and regions such as the Pacific Northwest coast, Great Plains people, eastern Woodlands etc.

All of these styles can be found on the streets of North American cities and virtually anywhere else in the world. The clothing is always a way to express one’s individuality.