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The Correct Way To Use The Mask


The era of Covid-19 has seen a spike in the use of masks. This is due in part to the economic crisis and fears on World Health Organization’s face masks amid reports of environmental health, including the spread of communicable diseases. The following is a guide on The correct way to use the mask:

1) Select the right size

It is important to select an adequate mask that fits you properly. Before you start to wear the mask, make sure that it fits snugly and comfortably, because when it’s too loose or too tight, your nose and mouth will not be completely covered by the mask. If the mask is too small for your head, it may not cover all of your faces. If it’s too big for you, then try another size until you find one that fits perfectly around your face.

2) Sanitize your hands before wearing them

If you are using a mask that is provided on your door step, make sure to sanitize your hands with alcohol. Do not reuse the same mask, as it could lead to respiratory problems or infections.

3) Correctly wear the mask

Before wearing the mask, make sure that it is not too tight or too loose on your face. If the mask is too loose, it could allow your mouth and nose to become dry and cause itching. If the mask is too tight, it will cause discomfort to you because of your facial muscles pulling around the interior of the mask. So try to find a comfortable place where you can place your finger between your lips and nose when tightening or loosening the mask. This will help you adjust your fit correctly.

4) Avoid touching the mask

Always try not to touch the interior of a mask, even if you are only making adjustments. If your gloves are touching the inside of a mask and the outer surface of your hand is also touching it, then that means that you are changing so many things at once, which includes both your gloves and your mask. It is better to just make small adjustments to the outside of your mask so it can fit snugly on your face.


Without proper knowledge of the correct way to use a mask, health risks may occur because you will not be able to do it properly.