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10 Jeans To Consider When Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Sometimes, being fashionable doesn’t mean owning thousands of clothing pieces and wearing whatever is trendy at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you’re trying to cut down on costs and help the environment simultaneously, you should definitely consider organizing a capsule wardrobe.

Now, tops aren’t really the problem. The difficulty in a capsule wardrobe lies in choosing the best pair of jeans. This is what we’re going to help you with today. In the following sections, we have prepared ten jeans that you should definitely consider adding to your list.

1. Lioness High Rise Belle Jean Blue Denim

This pair comes in baggy, six-pocket cargo jeans, perfect if you value functionality apart from style. It’s also a good piece to add if you are looking for something with a streetwear-inspired fashion.

2. Lee High Straight 80 Jeans Studio Blue

For classic, straight-cut mom jeans with a flattering fit from waist down, the Lee High Straight 80 Jeans Studio Blue. This is a must-have for basic and everyday needs.

3. Wrangler Tyler Cropped Jeans Deelite Black

Apart from blue denim, it’s a must that you also cop black ones for better versatility. This pair from Wrangler comes in black cropped mom jeans that stop just above your ankles. It also has a ripped style, which adds an edgy touch to its overall fashion.

4. Queenly Vibes Jeans Blue

The Queenly Vibes Jeans in Blue Denim also come in cropped jeans. It’s high-waisted, and the bottom stops a little higher than regular crop styles. This makes it an ideal pair for those looking for an everyday but stylish pair of pants.

5. Lioness Miami Vice Pant Forest Green

Your need for a capsule wardrobe doesn’t only need to involve only the variations of blue denim. The Lioness Miami Vice Pant Forest Green comes in an earthy green tone, which you should consider if you want jeans that can give your outfit a pop of color.

6. Riders by Lee Hi Mom Jeans Blue Sands

This pair has a relaxed fit and cuffed bottoms that stop above the ankles. It’s a classic staple, and nothing really stands out in it, but this is where the pair’s beauty lies.

7. Lee High Mom Jeans Oxy Destruct

This high-rise pair of mom jeans have a relaxed fit despite having a straight-cut style. It gives a twist to the regular and classic blue jeans because of their slightly ripped style in the knee part.

8. BRAND A High Skinny Ankle Basher Jeans Ashley

If you want skinny jeans, but you want to keep them classy and formal, then this pair of jeans from BRAND will definitely suit your needs.

9. Lee Beau Jeans Revamp Blue

The Lee Beau Jeans Revamp in Blue is a sure way to go for an all-in-one pair of jeans. It can be used for business casual needs because of its straight-cut style with a baggy fit. Similarly, it can also be your go-to for an everyday casual fit.

10. Lee Hourglass High Licks Crop Jeans Optimal Blue

To show off your figure, these super high-rise jeans from Lee are worth looking into. It has a skinny fit, but unlike others, you can rest assured that the way it will hug your legs won’t make you look tacky.

In choosing what jeans to buy, make sure to consider factors like your desired fit, planned styles, and their compatibility with the other clothing pieces in your capsule wardrobe. Simply said, the choice will all be up to you.

Of course, looking at the quality is also given. If you want a full guarantee, you should definitely check out Hello Molly for high-quality and stylish jeans.