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Dress Styles For A Holiday Engagement

Dress Styles for a Holiday Engagement

If you’re looking to put a smile on your partner’s face and also show them that you care, dressing well for a holiday engagement is critical. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. Casual

Consider an outfit that is slightly more casual and relaxed than your everyday attire. If you usually wear just plain t-shirts, don’t shy away from a more casual button-up with slacks and dress shoes on this special occasion. You want your partner to know that even if you are celebrating more informally, you put extra effort into making them feel loved. However, don’t wholly go hog wild with relaxing the dress code here unless the engagement was low-key such as a dinner party in someone’s hometown where everyone is dressed casually.

2. Somewhere in between

Ideally, there’s a happy medium here somewhere between this casual style of dress and also your recommended business attire when walking into work every day, as mentioned above. I recommend going for a nicely tailored button-up or polo shirt worn with dress pants and dress shoes. You want to look confident and avoid looking ridiculously out of place and overdressed.

3. Red

If you believe that I was mentioning your best suit color being gray, it is. There is no shame in using gray on a special occasion such as this either, especially if it helps you up your confidence to meet with your partner’s family for the first time. However, if red is also a favorite color, just understand that it will almost certainly require more polish today than usual, so don’t wear it unless you’re reasonably confident that you can pull it off. Even then, don’t wear an all-red outfit or red-only accessories – mix and match those instead.